3 Good Reasons Why You Need A Smart Backpack That Charges Your Phone

The traditional backpack has more or less replaced the use of the briefcase when it comes to carrying anything and everything that the modern professional needs to get through their day.

From laptops, to tablets and smartphones, today’s backpacks are designed to carry all your portable gadgets in a stylish and functional package.

However, a new breed of backpacks, aptly named, smart backpacks have taken things to a whole new level, offering to not only help you carry all the latest portable devices, but also charging them on the go.

As you will find out below, smart backpacks are not only designed to help you keep your smart devices juiced up, but also come with all the practical features modern users have been crying out for.


Smart backpacks are designed to charge all your smart devices while on the move. These special packs come with a network of charging cables that’s integrated into their internal design. The cables connect to power banks on one side and, your devices on the other end.

Some smart back packs come with their own internal power bank which is charged by solar panels integrated into the pack’s design; while others require users to connect their own fully charged power banks.

Storage Space

With more portable gadgets, comes the need for more storage space. Smart backpacks are specifically designed to solve this issue. These packs come with a variety of compartments designed to perfectly accommodate today’s variety of popular portable devices.

Remember to look for a back pack which comes with well padded pockets to protect your fragile devices from the shocks and impacts of everyday travel like this Estarer backpack

Extra Security

Smart back packs are specifically designed to carry expensive and fragile portable gadgets. As such, they come with top of the range security features meant to protect these gadgets. One of the security features you will find on these packs comes in the form of easily lockable zippers; which can be locked using a padlock, or in some designs, a combination lock. The inclusion of hidden and fake pockets is also a smart security measure which makes picking out your valuable devices and documents all the more difficult.

Most smart back packs are at the least water resistant; while the best of the lot go the extra mile by being waterproof. High quality water resistant/proof materials are put together using top of the line craftsmanship and practical and functional design additions, such as rain covers, to make sure that water stays out.

As you can see, smart back packs give you so much more, over and above keeping your smart devices fully charged up.