About Us

When it comes to cleaning, whether it is your profession or not, it is best to have the proper tools for the job, and those tools must be of great quality to assure that your job is done well. Me-ality.com is a site that reviews carpet cleaning supplies, assuring that your tools are worth the money you paid for them and are perfect for the job.

While there are numerous review websites out there, we approach to researching and testing the supplies are not simply for show. We do our best to find the best of the best for the job they are intended to do, as we put a great amount of importance to cleanliness and the maintenance of carpeting.

Me-ality.com is a branch of our carpet cleaning company whose original purpose was to find quality supplies and tools for our company to use in business. After a while, we found that it wouldn’t be right to horde the information we got through our tests for ourselves. By sharing the information we have gathered, we are able to influence cleanliness and help.

We also dabble in different tips for housekeepers and colleagues in the industry, which includes how to choose the right tools for the job, cleaning methods, and little tricks.

We review each product thoroughly, with the aim to truly assess its strong points and weaknesses, presenting only those that are worthy of consideration for our readers. As professional cleaners must remain vigilant to scams and dishonest claims and reviews.