Advantages Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages of a cordless vacuum

advantages of cordless vacuum cleaner

Technological advancements in all spheres of our existence have slowly changed modern life as we know it over the last few years; making life easier and simpler. Cordless vacuum cleaners are the latest product of these advancements.

Today, we have two main types of vacuum cleaners as determined by their design and method of operation, corded and cordless machines. Although the former has seen extensive use in the past, the latter is the latest iteration of this useful machine, and is undeniably the future of vacuum cleaning.

These high tech machines are transforming vacuum cleaning from the tedious, time consuming and boring activity most people know it to be, making it effortless and highly convenient. Read on to find out why these cordless machines are edging out their seemingly time barred predecessors.


Cordless vacuum cleaners come with the advantage of convenient operation, unencumbered by an electrical cord.

As previously stated, vacuum cleaning has earned the reputation of being a tedious and time consuming activity that most people would rather avoid altogether.

With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you no longer have to keep switching from one socket to the next to keep the machine powered as you work. Furthermore, you can forget about having to untangle the power cable or reconnecting the plug every time you reach too far and accidentally pull it from the wall socket.


Using a cordless vacuum cleaner helps create a safe working environment, free from a variety of risks associated with the used of their corded predecessors.

The electronic cable on corded vacuum cleaners poses a huge tripping risk to the user and any passers-by. This risk is elevated when cleaning some areas such as stair cases, where a simple trip can lead to a serious fall.


If you have a variety of surfaces and items to vacuum, then you will be happy to note that cordless vacuum cleaners come with the advantage of being highly flexible.

The portable nature of these machines means that they can be used in a variety of applications; from vacuuming carpets, area rugs and high curtains to the upholstery in your car. These battery powered machines are lightweight, and unencumbered by an electrical cable. As such, they can be lifted off the ground effortlessly to reach high surfaces, or carried outside, to your car if need be.

Fitted with a highly capable lithium ion battery, cordless vacuum cleaners are definitely changing our view of vacuuming cleaning. These sleek, compact and easy to use machines are a definite must have for any modern household.