Carpet Cleaning Essentials for Every Household

Most experts recommend having a professional clean your carpet at least once every 12 to 18 months. This is because you will never be able to give your carpet the kind of deep cleaning that Carpet Cleaning Utah – company that employs top experts from the country, who use their specialized equipment, products, training, and experience, can give.

That said, it doesn’t mean that you are off the hook when it comes to cleaning the carpet yourself. While you can rely on the experts for more thorough cleaning, a lot of the work in maintaining your carpet, keeping it clean and prolonging its life, lies on the kind of regular cleaning and maintenance you give it.

If you do have carpeting at home, then it is a good idea to invest in quality carpet cleaning products and equipment to enable you to clean your carpets yourself. Cleaning regularly helps maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, keeping it clean from dirt, dust, allergens, stains, fur, hair, moisture and bacteria. And having a clean carpet at home not only maintains the quality of the air inside your home, it also protects your family and your family’s health from allergies or other adverse reaction to a dirty and smelly carpet. Check out Kansas City carpet cleaners

So, what essential carpet cleaning products or equipment should every household keep?

Vacuum cleaners

While most carpet cleaning professionals will admit that vacuuming, no matter how regularly, will only give you a surface cleaning of your carpet, they won’t deny the usefulness of regular vacuuming, either. You should vacuum your carpets at least once a week, or more often if possible, and to vacuum before and after steam cleaning your carpet.

This means that you will be using your vacuum cleaner a lot – at least once every week. If you purchase quality vacuum cleaner and keep it well maintained, this carpet cleaning equipment can last you for years. So, after you put your carpets in, make sure to leave enough of your budget to shop for a good vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Sweeper

Carpet sweepers were used long before the vacuum cleaner was made available to every household. Using these carpet sweepers is a lot like using a broom, except that you will find rollers and brushes at the end of its long handle. Carpet sweepers are great for light cleaning or spot cleaning, and because they are not so heavy as vacuum cleaners, they are easier to maneuver around corners, easier to store, and easier to use on a daily basis. When you have a carpet sweeper, you don’t have to whip out the vacuum cleaner and go through the entire process of preparing for its use, when you can just grab the carpet sweeper and give your carpet a good “sweep” in between those scheduled vacuuming times.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are mainly used for stain removal.  You certainly can’t sweep away spilled red wine, spilled coffee, water, or even the dog’s pee. On the other hand, you can’t just wait until you can hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company before cleaning the stains on your carpet yourself. The next best thing is to use a carpet cleaner to get rid of that stubborn stain.

Carpet Powder or Carpet Shampoo and a hard bristle brush

Carpet powder and carpet shampoo are great ways of making sure that your carpet is clean and healthy. Use carpet powder liberally over the surface of your carpet, and when vacuuming, you’ll find the powder easy to vacuum, along with the dirt, dust, and stains that may have adhered to your carpet.  Using carpet powder is an easier and quicker alternative to carpet cleaning compared to using a carpet shampoo because you won’t have to wait hours for your carpet to dry. You’ll probably be surprised to find how effective carpet powders can be in cleaning carpets.

Carpet shampoos, on the other hand, are a more traditional way of cleaning your carpets. Dedicated carpet shampoos are far more effective than simply using soap and water, and this product will work on cleaning up those deep stains and dirt in no time. Just remember not to use too much of it that you end up soaking the carpet.  You don’t want your carpet to get too wet because this will take hours to dry. And you might find that a little of carpet shampoo goes a long way. Follow the instructions on whichever product you choose, and if there are any particularly difficult stains, you can use a bristle brush with the shampoo. Vacuum the carpet once more after it has dried.