Finding The Best Pet GPS Tracker On The Market

Losing a pet can be absolutely devastating. For many people, their pets are like members of their own family. If you want to keep your pet safe, you may want to consider investing in a pet GPS tracker. These are some of the top trackers on the market.

The Whistle 3 Tracker

This tracker is designed to be attached to a collar, which means it’s a great option if your pet already has a collar it’s comfortable with. It has a battery life of about 7 days, and it offers many appealing features.

While this GPS tracker does require you to have a subscription plan, it is very affordable, especially when you compare it to similar products on the market. If you want to buy a quality tracker for your pet, but are worried about what it will cost you, this is definitely a product you’ll want to take a closer look at.

The Tractive 3G Tracker

If you’re looking for a barebones GPS tracker that will still let you keep an eye on your pet, this simple tracker from Tractive is ideal for you. It isn’t loaded with features, but it’s a highly efficient tracker that will allow you to see exactly where your pet is at any given time.

This lightweight tracker can be attached to both dog and cat collars, which means it’s an excellent choice for any pet owner. Even though it doesn’t have a ton of features, it does keep track of the locations your pet has visited in the past. If your pet has been wandering off, you can use the tracker data to see where they’ve been going.

The Link AKC Smart Collar

If you’re looking for the complete package, this is the GPS tracker for you. This stylish collar won’t just let you track the location of your dog. It also has plenty of built-in safety features, including an LED light and a temperature alert.

Even though this is a wearable collar, it comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you have a smaller dog or a bigger one, they should be able to wear this collar without any problems. It’s a sleek, feature-rich collar that is endorsed by the AKC.

The Gibi Pet Locator

If you have a very active pet, the Gibi Pet Locator is the perfect option for you. This tracker is waterproof and extremely resilient. It can withstand just about anything! If you attach this tracker to your pet’s collar, you can count on it to remain safe and secure.

Like many of the other trackers listed here, this tracker can easily attach to all kinds of collars, which means your pet can keep on wearing their current collar. The tracker is also lightweight and affordably priced, which makes it hard to resist.

The Pod 3 Tracker

If you have a small pet, and you’re looking for the smallest tracking device available, you’ll probably want to check out the Pod 3 tracker. This tracker is incredibly tiny; both dogs and cats can use it comfortably.

Even though this tracker is very small, it’s still extremely powerful. It’s able to monitor a pet’s location and track their activity. It stores 24 hours of location history and it has Bluetooth functionality. As the old saying goes, sometimes good things come in small packages.

If you are ready to invest in a pet GPS tracker, you should check out all of the trackers listed above. Take the time to find a tracking device that will be perfect for your pet. Once your pet is wearing a tracker, you’ll be able to find them even if they are seperated from you.