Introducing the Modern Carpet Sweeper

While the vacuum cleaner has largely superseded the more traditional carpet sweepers that were once the go-to equipment for carpet cleaning, carpet sweepers still manage to hold their own. In fact, carpet sweepers are still preferred by many for their carpet cleaning needs, especially in environments where the hassle and noise of vacuum cleaners may not be feasible, such as when there is a sleeping baby, or in the lobbies and corridors of a hotel where guests are sleeping in the rooms.

The good news is that carpet cleaners have not entirely been left behind, and we now have modern versions of carpet sweepers. Some of the features to look out for include:

  • Customizable brushes

In order to accommodate different cleaning needs, more brushes can be added to a carpet sweeper, and brushes added to the sides can also enable one to use carpet sweepers along the walls. Different bristles, the spacing of brushes, and the position or arrangement of brushes, with the option of adding smaller brushes, can enable one to pick up larger or smaller objects, depending on one’s needs.

  • Power-operated carpet sweepers

The traditional carpet sweepers are manually operated, and brushes rotate in a mechanical motion as you push the carpet sweeper along the floor. These days, we now have motorized carpet sweepers as an option, and while some work after being plugged into an outlet, others are cordless and battery-operated. All in all, these automated features can be a lot more convenient and easier to use compared to the more traditional manual carpet sweepers.