What Makes a “Green” Carpet Cleaner?

Global awareness for the need to protect our environment and conserve natural resources has steadily been gaining momentum, especially with today’s extreme weather conditions. Many industries are starting to introduce ways of alleviating the impact of human activities on the environment, and the carpet cleaning industry is no exception.

“Green” carpet cleaning is a term used for eco-friendly carpet cleaning processes. This can include the use of environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions and products, and carpet cleaning processes that do not consume too much energy or electricity. This is because many carpet cleaning solutions contain powerful chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Also, improper disposal of carpet cleaning wastewater, which contain these harmful chemicals, may adversely affect the environment, especially natural water deposits.

There are a growing number of carpet cleaners taking social responsibility by utilizing environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning methods, and promoting their business as “green” carpet cleaning. What makes a “green” carpet cleaner is a shift in the methodologies and processes used in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment.

For instance, a carpet cleaner may utilize environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning products and solutions instead of the traditional chemical-based cleaners. These green alternatives are often plant-based cleaners, not chemical-based so that even if a person inhales the scent, or is exposed to these chemicals, and even if the cleaning solution gets into waterways, it causes little to no negative impact on either human, water quality, or marine life. But of course, a “green” carpet cleaner will be careful to dispose of the carpet cleaning wastewater properly, by making sure that none of it, including the dirt, dust, and other pollutants that have been cleaned out of the carpets, will get into natural bodies of water.