What to Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Product?

There are plenty of carpet cleaning products available on the market, and choosing the best one for your needs can be confusing. Of course, you can always make a homemade carpet cleaning solution from household products such as vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing soap, and water. This homemade carpet cleaning solution works quite effectively for many cleaning needs, including spot and stain removal. But when using a carpet cleaner, you would need a carpet cleaning solution that is intended for use in carpet cleaners. They do say that a carpet cleaner is only as good as the carpet cleaning solution that you use.

So what do you look for in a good carpet cleaning solution? It depends on your particular needs.

  • Who is the manufacturer?

First of all, check the label. There are plenty of home-based chemists these days who can manufacture anything from home, including carpet cleaning solutions. While we do not dispute that an experienced chemist may be able to produce a carpet cleaning solution to rival the best brands regarding its effectiveness, it is still a good idea to choose carpet cleaning solutions that are backed by a legitimate company. This is because commercial products made available to the product have been tested not only for efficacy in cleaning but also for safety.

  • pH considerations

The type of fiber that your carpet has goes a long way in the ultimate choice of carpet cleaning solution you make, particularly the pH levels. Some carpet fiber types require a more neutral pH level, while others can handle a higher or lower pH level.